The Las Vegas Strip is really remarkable. As someone that has been to Disney numerous times, I truly began to understand why people say that it is like Disney World for adults. Las Vegas Boulevard is a feast for all senses with its towering hotels, people movers (moving sidewalks) that go in every direction and every angle and street performers. Not to mention the week I was there, the tallest ferris wheel in the world open. Even with all of this, I think the most exciting thing I saw was Circus Circus. Although this hotel may not be the most posh place to stay these days, I was blown away by its old Vegas charm. It made we wonder what Vegas looked like so many years ago. So while everyone else around me was looking for the next drink or black jack table, I was taking a bus and then a cab to the Neon Museum. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, but it's a bit of haul. The trip was well worth it. 

The Neon Museum is a nonprofit organization that host dozens of old signs that would have otherwise been destroyed. Many of them are in pretty poor condition, but still really cool to see. They are also working to restore some back to their previous glory.  A Vegas must see.