Art & Copy is the acclaimed documentary that follows some of the most influential creatives that have affected American buying habits for years but remain relatively unknown outside their own industry. This is a documentary every creative person should check out, especially if you find yourself working in the world of advertising. I'm sure anyone that works with clients will recognize themselves in this piece somewhere. 

This is part of the statement by Director, Doug Pray about Art & Copy. 

It was, of course, inspiring to meet these creatives and hear their passion for effective communication and their anger at boring clients and market research, but what amazed me was how much their commercial work was a direct reflection of their personal lives. How Mary Wells’ zany and theatrical ads were a result of growing up in a family that hardly ever communicated. How George Lois spent his youth fighting on the streets of West Bronx and kept right on fighting the status quo in his ads for MTV and Hilfiger. Or how the late Hal Riney’s depression-era childhood robbed him of the very emotions that he spent a lifetime recreating in his ads for Saturn, Gallo, and Reagan. By interviewing these icons, they became real for me, and I saw advertising as an art form with enormous potential—when done well. 

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